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    I have a peculiar problem that seems to berare. The error I getting is very common, but I have yet to discover a fix.<BR><BR>I have done the following to remedy the situation to no avail.<BR>1.) Verified that my System DSN was spelled correctly and registered in the Machine hive<BR>2.) Made sure the correct NFTS persmissions were set for IUSR and IIS<BR>I only get this error when I attempt to create new DSNs or change or reconfigure existing DSNs. My previously created DSNs work fine util I point them to a different database. Weird situation, because it can be the same database file, just a different name.<BR><BR>-Platform NT 4 Server Pack 6a/Option Pack 4<BR>-MDAC 2.5

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    generally, I&#039d recommend that you use DSN-less connections, since DSNs are just an extra layer, and slower than a normal connection string. that&#039d solve your problem immediately<BR><BR>Jason

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