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    Lynne Guest

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    Greetings,<BR>I have a "master" table of checklists (500 items total; 16 checklists - Natural Disaster, Bomb Threat, etc.) which should not change; I&#039d like to be able to select the applicable checklist (figured that out) and send those items to a separate table which would include the current date and a status field. Is there a way to query one table and send that recordset to another table, which would then become the one displayed?<BR>Many, many thanks,<BR>Lynne

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    do you mean just copying a recordset from one place to another, wholesale? your question is not very clear at all.<BR><BR>depending on your RDBMS, there are a number of ways of achieving it, what database is it?

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    Kevin Guest

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    I don&#039t know all the aspects of your problem, but I can offer a few things that you can look into. One, you can create a View in your database. Two, you can use Triggers. Or three, you can use a SQL CREATE TABLE statement in your ASP page.

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    Lynne Guest

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    Kevin,<BR>Thanks for the hints. I am using Access so I don&#039t think triggers apply. I set up two tables in the database; one is a static table containing all of the checklist items. The other is empty; it includes cklst_date and status fields as well as applicable fields from the cklsts table. Since the second table exists, CREATE TABLE didn&#039t occur to me, but maybe there&#039s no need for the second table to exist ahead of time. I&#039ll tinker some more; thanks.

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    Lynne Guest

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    I&#039m using Access 97. Yes, I mean selecting a recordset from one table in the db and copying it to another table in the same db. The second table is just a &#039holder&#039 for the current day&#039s activity, so I don&#039t have to write to the master table.<BR>Thanks.

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