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    Help! I am having problems in displaying the whole data on an ASP page from a text datatype stored in a SQL Server 7.0 table. The text often gets cut off after character number 255.......<BR><BR>I have tried all remedies as suggested before (such as using a unique name on the SQL script : as in "SELECT fieldname from table" instead of "SELECT * FROM tablename") but still no luck. Am I supposed to make any settings in SQL Server to display all characters stored within a text datatype field? <BR><BR>Would appreciate anyone&#039s help out there. Thank you.

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    I will asume that the Max characters in an SQL7 table with text data type is 255 change the data type to tpo the equivelant of memo (not sure what that is , I haven&#039t played with SQL 7 much)and you will not have anymore problems with new data entered

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