I know this post doesn&#039t belong here but I haven&#039t gotten any responses on the other board so I&#039m trying here.<BR><BR>The below function is what I am using to replace a single quote when user enters in a text field. I have been told that instead of replacing with` character I should replace with double quotes. When I do this all sorts of problems occur. I have posted this question before but I keep getting new functions suggested to me. While I appreciate the suggestions, this causes further confusion because I have to amend existing code and all sorts of other errors end up occuring. Is there anyway to change my existing code or should I just leave it alone?<BR><BR>I have also tried replacing &#039 with follwing code which give me an error. add="&#039&#039"<BR><BR>My code is as follows:<BR>function replaceCharsA1(entry) {<BR>out = "&#039"; // replace this<BR>add = "`"; // with this<BR>temp = "" + entry; // temporary holder<BR><BR>while (temp.indexOf(out)&#062;-1) {<BR>pos= temp.indexOf(out);<BR>temp = "" + (temp.substring(0, pos) + add + <BR>temp.substring((pos + out.length), temp.length));<BR>}<BR>document.forms[0].Address1.value = temp;<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>