I&#039m having a hard time figuring out how to separate the values that come through request.form to create two separate sql strings to insert into two different tables. <BR>****<BR>1) I select questions from database ( could be one question or many, I dont know until I select them)<BR>2)Build user input form from questions <BR>3)Problem is that on submit I have questions and answers that need to be put into two separate tables and I&#039 dont know how to separte them and build the strings. <BR>4)When I select questions from database to build the form I can also pull which table it goes into. Or on submit I could query the database for which tbl it goes into. <BR>5)I cant figure out how to solve how to say this is question this is answer and this is tbl. If I can do this I can put together the if statment that build the insert sql based on this info, some one please help.