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    I Two List boxes & Buttons<BR>I&#039m Selecting a value from one listbox & if i click on the Add button<BR>it has to add that value into another listbox.<BR>I&#039m selecting a value from another listbox & if i click on the Del button it has to delete the selected item.<BR>It is working on IE. But problem with Netscape <BR><BR>

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    Poonam Guest

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    What type of error do u get ??<BR>U can hav my email id

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    Vijay Guest

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    Are you doing it in only client side JavaScript or you are using some server side scripting.<BR><BR>need some code to comment...<BR><BR>

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    Anurag Garg Guest

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    Generally this sort of problem occurs whenever we use the specific properties supported by IE only. If you are using remove for &#060;SELECT&#062;, this will not work and to delete from Netscape SELECT you have to assign the value null to that specific selectedIndex and there is an article in Javascript section of the same messageboard.<BR>I hope this might be some help,<BR>regards,<BR>Anurag Garg

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