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    Tenantz Guest

    Default detect browser type and version

    Why do i need to know the browser and the version a client is using?

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    Tom Levesque Guest

    Default Well..........

    You don&#039t NEED to know but it&#039s a good idea. While the most basic HTML will result in the same look throughout most browsers and versions, anything more advanced will not. For example, dynamic HTML only works in Internet Explorer 4 and 5 and Netscape 4+. Furthermore the way you refer to elements on a page or access their style properties from a client side javascript is not the same from Internet Explorer to Netscape.<BR><BR>Another example is cascading stylesheets which function quite differently in some browsers and not at all in others. The BODY{} definition works great in Internet Explorer but has no effect in Netscape. Some website developers define BODY as .body and apply a &#060;SPAN CLASS="body"&#062; tag to the majority of the page which seems to work in Netscape to produce similar results.<BR><BR>On a related note, some websites use plugins (Shockwave Flash for example) and it&#039s useful to detect if their browser has the required plugin installed before you send them download SWF files that you have embedded in your pages. Java can be considered a plugin too although most browsers I can think of support at least Java 1.0 in some limited way. Java 1.1 code might cause problems in some older browsers althought it&#039s highly unlikely. Most of the time you&#039re safe to put a java applet on your website and expect that 99% of your visitors will see it properly.<BR><BR>If you&#039re making an amature website, don&#039t concern yourself with browser versions and the like. If you&#039re developing a major website which you want to work on 100% of the computers out there instead of the 80-85% that run Internet Explorer 4.0+ then you should concern yourself with the software the people visiting your website are using. <BR><BR>Tom Levesque<BR>

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