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    Ok, i am so new at this, i know nothing. i mean nothing. so i guess is there anyone out there that can give me a boost on starting to program. know of any programs good for beginners? or tips? anything. all i know is windows 98, and i cant do DOS at all. is there any hope?

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    Buy a good book.<BR><BR>But while you are waiting, look around you. There are *SO MANY* ASP sites it is scary.<BR><BR>This one is a good place to start. But follow all the links to other sites as well.<BR><BR>And don&#039t neglect www.learnasp.com and all its "lessons" (which are really mostly simply example ASP pages, and so aren&#039t what you want to hit first, except maybe the fundamentals pages).<BR><BR>DOS? What&#039s that? Sounds like some kind of poison.<BR><BR>(just kidding...but DOS has zero relevance to ASP)<BR><BR>

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