I am not sure if this is an ASP problem, a IIS problem, an IE5 problem, or a Windows 2000 problem. The problem I am having is even more frustrating because it is inconsistent and difficult to pin down.<BR><BR>I have been working on a simple ASP application whose most complex work involves simple operations with an Access 97 database. Very simple and small application. I am experiencing SERIOUS machine crashes during or shortly after I have been working with the application.<BR><BR>Description of crash: The screen simply goes black and the machine restarts automatically. Normally this happens after I have been working and previewing my ASP application, and it normally occurs when I am browsing with IE5.<BR><BR>Because it simply crashes the entire machine and restarts, I am not getting any error messages or other clues as to what is happening.<BR><BR>I am simply trying to find out if anyone has experienced ANYTHING similar to this. Any help is appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Kevin<BR>warner @flash.net