I am tring to access a LookupTable object that is stored as a StaticObject with Application scope. I am attempting to access this object from a COM+ component using this code:<BR><BR>set oObjectContext = GetObjectContext()<BR>set oApplication = oObjectContext("Application")<BR><BR>Debug.Print (oApplication.StaticObjects("oLookupTable").count) <BR><BR>The problem is.. If my COM+ component is not configured as &#039Library&#039 (running in the ASP address space) this does not work. <BR><BR>What is the deal with accessing StaticObjects from &#039Server Application&#039 COM+ components? Is this not possible?<BR><BR>Can someone point me to a document that specifies the limitations of these kind of object interactions?<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Damon Carr<BR><BR>