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    Is there a way to simulate a Tree view like behaviour on an ASP Page ?<BR><BR>Best example is this site itself. On the left hand side you can see the site index, what I would like to achieve is, upon clicking on say RESOURCES Link, you get to see the links to its children ..<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>-Manoj

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    There are many, many, many, many ways to do tree views. ASP is perhaps one of the poorest things to use, as it requires a roundtrip to the server for each mouse click. It is almost always a better idea to COMBINE ASP and client-side JavaScript code and let the expanding/collapsing be done all in the browser.<BR><BR>But I did say "almost always." <BR><BR>The first trick is figuring out how to organize your data so it&#039s easy to build the tree view. And I think that&#039s a good weekend project: How would *YOU* organize the data? What data do you need to capture? How do you do the "linkages" needed to make a tree view possible? Come back next week with a starting design for the data and we&#039ll poke holes in it so you can try again.<BR><BR>But I have seen *at least* a dozen different solutions. And I didn&#039t really like any of them. But they all work.<BR><BR>

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    Why don&#039t you check out the various treecontrol free codes in

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