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    okay, this maybe just a brain freeze but-<BR>Can I not link to a .tif (or .tiff) and have it open like a .gif or .jpg (in the page without an activex control or java viewer)?<BR>I have tried every incarnation of &#060;A href="somefile.tiff" type="image/tiff"&#062; that I could think of.<BR><BR>I would appreciate any help with this because my head hurts from banging it on the keyboard.<BR><BR>Also, if I need an activex control or java applet, does anyone have any suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Dan

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    Browsers are not built to display TIFs, so no, you can&#039t get them to display in browsers. there may be an activeX control available, but if you want do display it in the browser it should be .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp (ie only)<BR><BR>Atrax

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