I need to take a raw print file and send it to the local printer. I can do this easily for any network printer by using FSO to copy (not write, due to binary data issues) the file to \serverprinter. Works fine. But I can&#039t copy the file to LPT1 or PRINTER$ or LPT1.DOS or my machinemy printer share or any **** thing else.<BR><BR>I&#039ve found bunches of code on how to send a raw print file to a local printer via Win32API calls to WINSPOOL.DLL in Visual Basic. The trick is, I don&#039t have VB (and I really don&#039t want to learn it) I just need to find a way to:<BR>A) call winAPI function in winspool.dll <BR>OR<BR>B) copy binary data directly to the printer port<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas?