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    Any reason why rs.RecordCount would give me a -1 when I know the recordset contains two records?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Yes,<BR><BR>You may want to read more into recordsets, check the knowledge base. When I need a count, and that occurs, i prefer to use a database aggregate function (more overhead) but more accurate.<BR><BR>I do not remember the exact condition, but there is cases where you wouldn&#039t want to use the rs.recordcount. (sorry i don&#039t know more)

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    Check the help for ADO RecordCount. It describes the cursor types you can use to force ADO to count up the records for you. <BR><BR>Hope it helps.

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    William Guest

    Default RE: Thanks. See this link

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    because you are using an adOpenForwardOnly cursor type.<BR><BR>bart

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