Does anyone know what the best way would be to create a web based user manager? Functions that would be necessary include:<BR><BR>Creating/deleting users<BR>Adding users to groups<BR>Creating/deleting groups<BR>Creating/deleting directories (IE, Home directoy for new user)<BR>NT File Permissions (for home directories, etc)<BR>Automated Tasks (IE, submit new username, new password, select say,This will be a user in the "FTP User" group, and pre-defined permission rights are applied and the necessary directory(s) are created.)<BR><BR><BR>I&#039ve been told to do it with Perl, then someone said use perlscript, then I was told ASP is the way to go, then just yesterdy someone said to use ADSI (or is it asdi?) Obvesiously I am confues. I need help. FYI, i just ordered my first programming book yesterday. I am very new to this web development stuff. I&#039m a hard core batch file guy, thats about it. :)