ASP AND ASP+ on the same page?

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Thread: ASP AND ASP+ on the same page?

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    John M. Guest

    Default ASP AND ASP+ on the same page?

    Can you run ASP And ASP+ on the same page? I believe that asp+ pages need to be named, ".aspx", and also the delimiters are: "&#060;%# ..code %&#062;" compared with ".asp", and "&#060;% ..code %&#062;", and also use different dlls.<BR><BR>If one can be used with another on the same page, what combination is possible, given file extensions, delimiters, etc...?<BR><BR>John

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    Doug Seven Guest

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    THe .aspx extension will identify the page as an ASP+ page and the page will be compiled. This means you are running it as ASP+ only. Of course, much of the ASP DOM carried over, so you can do a lot of the same stuff, and use the ASP Object Model where there are no conflicts.<BR><BR>The short of it is an ASP+ page...not both.<BR><BR>Doug Seven<BR> /<BR>

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