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    Cheryl Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR><BR>I am working on an web project that uses the Neon Driver to an Oracle database. The project has just failed stress testing. It was found to be spiking up to 100% CPU Usage on the web server at times when trying to retrieve a SQL statement through a DSN-less connection into a Forward Only ADO recordset.<BR><BR>At 50 virtual users, we started receiving script timeout errors (Script timeout is set to 3 minutes). They were happening at this particular point in the process. The above SQL statement is complex using a union query, a sub query, and a function stored as a stored procedure. However, when receiving the script timeout errors, the SQL statement was run straight against the database and ran without issue. Also the web pages pointing to the database but on a different web server accessing this same process at the same time ran without issue.<BR><BR>We also have analyzed the SQL statement using Oracle&#039s Explain Plan and it is running efficient with the proper indexes, etc.<BR><BR>Does anyone have ideas of what may be causing the high CPU usage right at this point?<BR><BR>Thank you!<BR><BR>- Cheryl<BR>

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    is the database on a separate server? could be connection trouble.<BR><BR>is the database on the same server? could be over-stressing<BR><BR>i think, however, it&#039s more likely to be a problem with the driver. can you make the whole query into a stored procedure and see if that helps?<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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    Markkk Guest

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    Are other web projects running on the same web server as your problem or test project?<BR><BR>Just a thought....perhaps, one of the other projects is causing CPU usage to spike.<BR><BR>Try running your project (ASP Application) in its own memory space (isolated proces), and monitor CPU usage for both in-process and out-of-process apps.<BR><BR>Try getting rid of your Neon Oracle Driver and use either "Microsoft&#039s ODBC Driver for Oracle", "Microsoft&#039s OLE DB Provider for Oracle (MSORA)", or "Oracle&#039s OLE DB Provider for Oracle" (beta release is avialable; not sure if final version is out). The Neon Driver may not have been written for web type applications...it may have a poor threading model which can&#039t support connection pooling, etc.<BR><BR>I have connected to Oracle databases many times using "Microsoft&#039s ODBC Driver" and "Microsoft&#039s OLE DB Provider for Oracle". In theory, Providers will give you much better performace over ODBC Drivers. They better interface with Microsoft&#039s Transaction Server (MTS).<BR><BR>Caution with "Microsoft&#039s OLE DB Provider for Oracle". It has some limitations with cursors that always support recordcounts. I understanfd that "Oracle&#039s Provider for Oracle" doesn&#039t have these limitations.<BR><BR>YOU ARE BSET TO USE AN OLE DB PROVIDER, rather than an ODBC Driver!!!!!!<BR><BR>I hope this helps!!

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    Markkk Guest

    Default MSDAORA Provider doesn't support recordcounts

    Caution with "Microsoft&#039s OLE DB Provider for Oracle" (MSDAORA). It has some limitations with cursors that don&#039t support recordcounts. I understand that "Oracle&#039s Provider for Oracle" doesn&#039t have these limitations. Use the Oracle Provider if you can get it.<BR><BR>

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