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    This is not an advanced question, but i have never used the Query Analyzer how does it work and when do I use?

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    Well, what I refered to is a program from Micro$oft that comes with any verison of MS SQL 6.5 and above. Before 6.5 it was known as something else. It is just a simple program that allows you to throw Transact-SQL commands at a MS SQL database. Transact SQL is a superset of SQL commands for MS&#039s SQL implementation.<BR> My introduction to QueryAnalyzer was that it contained (via it&#039s help menu) a helpfile of Transact-SQL commands. I needed to reference this when I was learning more advance SQL methods. (I am not a very good SQL person BTW. I only know what I&#039ve needed to learn...)<BR> When I started writing a threaded discussion forum for an old job I needed to learn how to use joins... Not fun. QueryAnalyzer let me run raw SQL SELECT statements at my db and returned the results in the bottom pane of the program. This let me test out my SQL statements to see if they were viable and returning the type of data I wanted BEFORE putting them into ASP.<BR> Why did I do this? Well, most SQL statements used in ASP have some sort of variable attached. Why kill yourself trying to find out why your ASP doesn&#039t work when you SQL could be at fault.<BR> This is why most people, myself included, during the construction phase print out their SQL statements after they are built. They can then see what the statement is, and if it conforms to what it should be. If you then copy this statement, throw it into QueryAnaylizer, it&#039ll tell you if it is syntaxically correct, and will return the data. You can then verify if that is what you wanted or not...<BR> AFAIK, MS QueryAnalyzer is a comercial product that only comes with MS SQL. I&#039m still looking for a freeware/shareware alternative that supports ODBC DSN connections. (This is because I&#039m now doing work with Informix & Oracle dbs and QueryAnalyzer will not connect to them...) When I find one I&#039ll share it with everyone.

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