&nbsp;<BR>CURRICULAM VITAE<BR><BR>R. Senthil Kumar (MCA)<BR>32/4, Thatchi Arunachalam St., <BR>Mylapore, Phone: + 91 - 044 – 495 2816<BR>Chennai – 600 004. Email: senthil_rethan@Yahoo.Com<BR><BR>Objective <BR><BR> A challenging position in Software Design and Development in a reputed concern as yours.<BR><BR>Career Profile<BR><BR> Have Nearly 2 years of industrial experience in application software development using Visual Basic,Asp, Crystal Reports, and SQL Server. <BR><BR>Versatility<BR><BR> Web Tools : ASP, VBScript, and Visual InterDev<BR>Front End Tools: Visual Basic 5.0/6.0<BR> Back End Tools: MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0 <BR><BR>Experience <BR><BR> Working As Programmer in Nittany Decision Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India, From May &#039 99 Till Date.<BR><BR> Worked as Programmer in Dynasoft Technologies, Chennai, India, from Nov’98-April’99. <BR><BR>Educational Background<BR><BR> Master of Computer Applications (1998 - 2001) <BR> Currently Pursuing At Bharathidasan University<BR><BR> Bachelor Of Science (1995 – 1998) ComputerScience. 65%<BR><BR>Software Skills<BR><BR> Languages C, C++,COBOL, Pascal, ForTran77<BR> Operating Systems Windows9x, MSDOS 6.22<BR> DBMS FoxPro 2.0<BR>RDBMS Oracle 7.x/8.0<BR>Web Tools IIS 4.0, VBScript, ASP, HTML & DHTML<BR>GUI Tools D2K with Forms 5.0 and Reports 3.0 <BR> Project Profile<BR> <BR> WorkOrderAnalysis:<BR><BR> Operating System Windows &#039 95/Windows NT 4.0<BR> Hardware Pentium Processor with 64 MB RAM<BR> Web Tools VisualInterDev 6.0, VB Script, HTML, ASP<BR> Back End MS SQL Server 7.0<BR> Team size 4<BR> Duration March 2000 - Till date<BR><BR> Role:<BR><BR> Responsibility includes designing and coding of HTML and ASP pages using Visual Interdev and VBScript. <BR><BR> Created ASPages for the masters such as Doctor, patient, DiagonisCode etc., and transactions to process the Not in system insurance claims and finally to enter the status of the claim.<BR><BR><BR>Description:<BR><BR> This system is used to issue the ProActive workorders which are created by the reviewer for the unpaid Insurance claims to the night callers for process the reasons for those claims being unpaid or rejected. Night callers receive the workorders, and process them according to the preferences and status of insurance claims. The processed work orders are reviewed by the reviewer and check for the claim&#039s status. Reviewer, in turn decides whether the work order has to be processed once again. The above cycle continues till the work order status become &#039Complete.&#039 <BR><BR> The main page gives the overall info about the claim for which the work order has been issued. The night callers can also get the individual detailed insurance, patient, employer, procedure code etc. informations for the claim. The claim may be denied, not in the system, in process or in being paid status which has to be followed up by the night callers using this system and report about the claim status, for further processings such as re-claiming Insurance company.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Appraisal<BR><BR> Front End Visual Basic 6.0,Html<BR> Seagate Crystal Reports 6.0<BR> Back End MS SQL Server 7.0<BR> Technology Asp,Mts <BR> Client Nittany Decision Services<BR> Team size 5<BR> <BR> <BR><BR> Role <BR><BR> Team member and also involved in Coding, Designing, development the Master modules and Transaction Part which includes appraisal<BR><BR> Description <BR><BR> worked as a part of Appraisal Development team. EES is an Employee evaluation software where each and every aspect of the module likes No. Of Questions, No.of employees to appraise can be dynamically changed at run time. Based on the evaluation done by the appraiser, appraisal will be awarded to the employee based on his performance over a period of time. <BR><BR> The questions are changed so that the appraiser will not be answering the same question for the same employee on successive times. And also for the appraiser the employees will be cycled so that he may not be appraising same employee each and every time.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Digital Transcription Kit(DTK)<BR><BR> Designed and Developed Digital Transcription Kit for Nittany Decision Services, using Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 7.0, Active Reports and Crystal Reports 6.0 <BR><BR> Digital Transcription Kit(DTK): This software includes 8 Active X DLLs and one user designed Active X control. The modules include DTK Main, DTK Masters, DTK Scheduler, DTK Archival, TES (Transcription Entry Screen), QueryBuilder, DTK Search, DTK User Manager, FTP Client and DTK Reports. All main modules are developed as a DLL and added to the project.<BR><BR> My Role: (3 Modules)<BR><BR> DTK Transcription Entry Screen (DLL): Once the transcriptionist logs into the system, the screen will show the files scheduled for that particular transcriptionist. The transcriptionist can select any of the assigned wave files and start transcribing using MS Word and the transcribed file is stored as a word document. Templates will be loaded according to the client and data will be merged. In this module, special features such as Medical Dictionary, Flash Screen entry, generic search, doctor profile etc are provided. Then, the file will pass to QC and other consequent stages before it is transmitted to the client.<BR><BR> DTK Master Forms (DLL): Designed all master Forms Including Doctor, Patient, Hospital, Transcriptionist, Stage, Work Flow, Acronym. Acronym Master is New Technology by using which allowing the user to insert the information like doctor Title, Type etc. All master screens are developed as a DLL.<BR><BR> DTK Archival (DLL): In this module, word document is archived using Compress method and it is stored in network path and whenever necessary the file is expanded and shown to the user.<BR><BR><BR>Proactiv <BR><BR>Operating System Windows 95<BR>Hardware Pentium Processor with 64 MB RAM<BR>Front End Visual Basic 5.0 <BR>Back End MS SQL Server 6.5<BR>Client Nittany Decision Services<BR>Team size 6<BR><BR><BR>Role <BR><BR> Involved in the use-case analysis, design and coding of Cash Posting module and patient appointment fixing module. The primary tasks in this module was billing and send the claims to the insurance companies in accordance with their procedure code and format of their forms. <BR><BR>Description <BR><BR> Is involved in the comprehensive billing software developed as a generic product for Medical billing and Health Insurance companies .The various modules in the system includes Charge Entry, Cash Posting, etc., .The charge entry module for billing and harging the patient in accordance with the procedure code and bundled code for the treatment, depending upon the format of the insurance company he has claimed for coverage. Once the check was received from the Insurance Company or co-pay from the patient that was posted through the cash-posting module.<BR><BR>CPTC (Computerized Patient Treatment Chart)<BR><BR>Operating System Windows 95<BR>Hardware Pentium Processor with 64 MB RAM<BR>Front End Visual Basic 5.0<BR>Back End MS SQL Server 6.5<BR>Client Nittany Decision Services<BR>Team size 6<BR><BR> Role <BR><BR> Involved in case analysis and worked as a Programmer responsible for Master Forms in CPTC <BR> <BR> Description <BR><BR>Worked as a part of CPTC Development team. CPTC is the complete information chart of a patient going into the Radiotherapy treatment under a particular doctor. It consists of Master Forms Like Patient Master ,Doctor Master,Treatment master<BR><BR>It keep tracks Of the Patient Information and It consists Transaction Module Treatement Analysis Which Governs the Treatment Informations For Particular Patient .<BR><BR><BR>Admission Management System<BR><BR> Operating System Windows 95<BR> Hardware Pentium Processor with 64 MB RAM<BR> Front End Visual Basic 5.0<BR> Back End MS SQL Server 6.5<BR> Client Dynasoft Technologies<BR> Team size 4<BR><BR><BR><BR>Role<BR><BR> Designing the Database Struture and also development and testing of the Admission module which Keeps track of Students&#039selection<BR><BR>Description<BR><BR> The System dynamically selects the students based on the various Selections Procedures Of the college and Keeps Track of students and staff&#039s Information. It consists of Master Forms Like Course master,Students master,etc. Transaction Form is students selection form which Dynamically selects the students who Satisfying the criteria. Even Recommendation Weightage is also taken into account When selecting the students.<BR><BR>After Completing the Selection Process system Gives the Report for selected Students using Seagate Crystal reports.<BR><BR><BR><BR> Personal Profile <BR><BR>Email senthil_rethan@yahoo.com<BR>Phone +91 - 044 - 495 2816<BR>Date of Birth July 23, 1976<BR>Sex Male<BR>Marital Status Single<BR>Nationality Indian<BR>