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    Gilles Guest

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    Please Help, I&#039m trying to add these two strings<BR>Hours = Request("Hrs") + Request("Mins")<BR>provided that "hrs" and "mins" are both input boxes names.<BR>However, the result i get is a concatenation of both values and not the addition.<BR><BR>For e.g<BR>Hrs=2<BR>Mins=30<BR>Hours=2+30=gives me 230 instead of 32<BR><BR>Please Help <BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Panos Barbalias Guest

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    Your problem is that with the way you are trying to get the values you are actually getting numbers with strings..And you get the result that you see...<BR>Try this:<BR>intHours = (Int(Request("Hrs"))+(Int(Request("Mins"))

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    anamika Guest

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    covert to CINT<BR>i.e.,<BR><BR>Hours = cint(Request("Hrs")) + cint(Request("Mins"))<BR>

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