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    Raymond Dalton Guest

    Default SQL Text Search using an expression

    Hi,<BR><BR>Is it possible to use a regular expression within a WHERE clause on an SQL statement? What I am trying to do is search against a text field and pull back all records that start with 0-9, a-c, d-f, etc...Is there an easy way to accomplish a search over a range like this?<BR><BR>

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    SPG Guest

    Default Look for "Similar To"

    The SQL-99 proposal of a "Similar To" operator would allow us to determine if "&#060;field&#062; Similar To &#060;regular expression&#062;".*<BR><BR>I have yet to hear of anybody actually implementing this -- heck, Microsoft just got VB regular expressions from their scripting engines -- but the point is that it&#039s being considered/worked on.<BR><BR>And when we get it, it will be about bloody time.<BR><BR>* -- as seen in Joe Celko&#039s "SQL for Smarties, 2nd Ed," copyright 2000, Morgan Kaufmann.

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    Raymond Dalton Guest

    Default RE: Look for

    I found something that works, at least with Microsoft Access databases.<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Table WHERE FIELD Like &#039[0-9]%&#039<BR><BR>

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