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    Joel M Guest

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    hello,<BR> I&#039m still learning about the basics of ASP and wanted to mess with the CDO email thing...I made a little script as per "ASP for dummies"...it went through with no errors, but I don&#039t get the email anywhere...I&#039m going through a 3rd party ISP so is there anything that they may have done to disable this, or is it available by default...keep in mind that I got no error.<BR><BR>here&#039s the code:<BR>-------------------<BR>&#060;%<BR>set mail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>dim from, msgto, subject, msgtext<BR><BR>msgto = "joel@scifiencounters.com"<BR>from = request.querystring("from")<BR>subject = request.querystring("subject")<BR>msgtext = request.querystring("msgtext")<BR><BR>mail.Send from, msgto, subject, msgtext, "0"<BR>%&#062;<BR>successful<BR>--------------------<BR><BR>thanks in advance,<BR>Joel<BR>www.scifiencounters.com

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    Markkk Guest

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    The CDO Email Object relies on the SMTP Server that comes with IIS/NT. If your ISP web server is using a 3rd party mail server (chances are he is), then he will have to configure his web server to activate and allow the use of the SMTP Server that comes with NT/IIS (this may or may not be possible).<BR><BR>The CDO Email Object interfaces with thr SMTP Server that comes with NT, not with a 3rd party SMTP Server. So, to get the CDO Email Object working, you must get the SMTP Server working (the SMTP Server that comes with NT)<BR><BR>If this isn&#039t possible, then you ISP web company may have to invest in a 3rd party email web component that will allow you to send email to the 3rd party SMTP server.<BR><BR>I hope this helps!!!

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