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    background: 2 servers & a client<BR><BR>From server # 1, I need to connect to an asp page on server # 2, wait for a response from server # 2, then push the information back to the client via server # 1.<BR><BR>As fair as I can tell response.redirect or request.querystring will not work in this situation since I have to send a url <BR>(i.e. https://www.abc.com/check.asp?accct=555&zip=92101) to sever # 2 and read the url that comes back to server #1 from server # 2. In this instance, server # 1 will act like a client in fetching the results from server # 2. Final catch, it has to be done with a SSL connection.

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    request.querystring/form should certainly work<BR>but I don&#039t know about the ssl bit

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