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    &nbsp;<BR>I have a form in which there are nine checkboxes. The user clicks on one of the checkboxes and clicks submit and it calls the next page where he can view the details of the checked item.<BR>I wanted a piece of code in javascript wherein it would check if the user has made a selection and if not then an a message will come up saying that "u have to make a selection".

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    this sort of code is everywhere on the net, free for the downloading. <BR><BR>anyway. here we go - rough version<BR><BR>var arr = new Array(checkbox1, checkbox2, checkbox3) // must be full document.forms refs<BR>var error = true<BR>for(x=0;x&#060;arr.length;x++)<BR>{<BR>if( arr[x].selected==true){error=false}<BR>}<BR><BR>if(error ==true){<BR>alert(&#039error message&#039)<BR>}<BR><BR>jason

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