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    Thanks for the response. <BR><BR>I am asked to use &#060;A href bcos we are going to replace that with some creative buttons later. so, I could&#039nt use &#060;input type =button&#062; . so, what&#039s the solution?<BR>what&#039s this document.all ?<BR><BR>can U please give me an ex.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Reema.

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    I&#039m afraid to suggest it because it won&#039t work with Netscape, but you &#060;I&#062;can&#060;/I&#062; access a tag through IE&#039s Document Object Model, if the tags have an ID property (usually the same as the name).<BR><BR>&nbsp&nbspvar tagSave = document.all("Save");<BR>&nbsp&nbspalert ("Save tag&#039s name:" +;<BR><BR>I still don&#039t think disabled will work with &#060;A&#062; tags but you could try it. Maybe you could prove the concept by graying it out through the style, until the other buttons are ready. Check the DHTML reference.<BR><BR>Hope it helps.<BR>Other suggestions?

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    Default See response below

    Or post what you want to have happen in the end.

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