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    Is there any means available to WRITE the dynamicaly created HTML <BR>page from an asp ( The thing you will get when you right click and say view source) in to a myfile.TXT file using our FileSystemObject or any thing like that ?Does the javascript do some thing for this ?<BR>

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    You can do it using ASP2HTML Component, which serves as a "thin layer over the JAVA URL and URLConnection (part of the package) classes" (Professional Active Server Pages 2.0, Wrox Press, pg. 203). You feed it the URL, it downloads the page, and then using FSO you can save the processed file locally. It&#039s included in the samples portion of Microsoft&#039s IIS4. The Microsoft site should have more info.<BR><BR>Another option is the ASPHTTP component by ServerObjects ( or the ASPTear component by (, both of which allow you to grab a page, retrieve it as a string and then do whatever you want (to include saving it to disk -- ASPTear has a built in save-to-disk function).<BR><BR>Good luck!

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