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    How can i create a shopping cart in ASP.<BR><BR>Any suggestions any comments please do get back to me.<BR><BR>

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    Panos Barbalias Guest

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    If you want to make your life easier, search for an ASP Shopping cart Component. Buy reading the instructions to use it, you will understand what you can also provide to your visitors!

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    if u are really bent on doing it all by urself, here is the core of a simple cart:<BR>assign an item code to all products to be sold.<BR>use 2 session variables to store 2 arrays - one holds the item <BR>code and the other holds the corresponding quantity.<BR>mannipulate these arrays to add/edit/delete an item from the cart.<BR><BR>if some one can come up with a better idea, pl. let me know

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    Can we avoid sessions by simply creating a cookie and store a custumer number that will be related to all the items put in the cart????

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