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    Tony Guest

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    Hey List,<BR><BR>I am wondering if anyone can tell me which would be the better or maybe the only option. <BR><BR>I am going to have to design a database that may house up to 50,000 entries. It will house details for a search engine for people in this database. I just wanted to know if anyone can tell me which database would be the best option (also having efficiency and robustness in mind). I already have MS Access 2000, I will need to purchase Oracle 8 if I need to design in Oracle. <BR><BR>Anyway Thanks in Advance.<BR><BR>-Tony

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    I use Access extensively as a web database and I don&#039t think that 50000 records will phase it. Just design your queries carefully, and set them up in Access, not in your ASP. In ASP open a recordset from the query in access rather than try to formaulate complex queries in your code. Make sure that the query returns a small dataset and you should be right. <BR><BR>The other issue is whether your hosting company supports Oracle. If they do and the cost of using it is reasonable then use it, as it will probably be more robust and efficient.

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    Tony Guest

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    So what would be the limitations of Access 2000???

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    It doesn&#039t scale very well. If you&#039re expecting hit rates high enough to generate really concurrent database access then Access doesn&#039t scale past a handful of *concurrent* connections.<BR><BR>Still, you need a lot of hits or narrow spikes to get real concurrency.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Tony Guest

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    Ah Thanks Duncan,<BR><BR>Understood!!! hehehe... (I&#039m only a university student) hehehe

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