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    Kaza Guest

    Default Checking status of website

    how do i check the status of a website?<BR>I would like to check if the website is up or down.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default I hate to be so obvious...

    Go to the site. If you get a page, it&#039s up. If you don&#039t, it&#039s down.<BR><BR>Perhaps you&#039re trying to ask something else?

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    Default Ha ha... that's classic! (nt)


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    kaza Guest

    Default RE: I hate to be so obvious...

    i want to display a link to the site only if the site is up.<BR>So before displaying the link in my ASP file, i have to find<BR>out site is up or down.

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    Default Probably not a thing to do...

    You *can* do this. You can get one of the third-party components such as AspTear or AspHTTP and ask it to try to "load" the given page for you.<BR><BR>The problem: The only way you know that the page is *not* available is when the HTTP connection that is trying to open the page times out. And if you have ever done that in your browser, you know that can take quite a while.<BR><BR>And even if the page does *not* time out, if you want to do this for a dozen links it can take quite some time for those components to go out, make the HTTP connection, and come back to you and say "okay, it&#039s open." And since you can&#039t do things in parallel with ASP, that means that you will wait 3 seconds for the first site, 12 seconds for the next, 120 seconds for the third one (that finally times out as unavailable), 9 seconds for the fourth...<BR><BR>Well, you get the idea. The user who is supposed to get your ASP page will likely time out waiting for YOUR reply! *Not* a happy situation.<BR><BR>In short, I don&#039t think you want to do this. Give the user the link, and if it&#039s down, it&#039s down.<BR><BR>Besides, suppose you test it, it&#039s up, and 5 minutes later...before the user has clicked on the link to visit that gone down. How have you helped the user?<BR><BR>(And the reverse can happen: You think it&#039s down, but 5 minutes later it&#039s back up and the user thinks you were nuts about it being down.)<BR><BR>I&#039d say give up on this one.<BR><BR>

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