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    Does anyone know how to create an access runtime database ???

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    In VB 6.0 you would simlpy use the CreateDatabase function from the DAO 2.5 library. I suppose that you would have to use the file scripting object to resolve the actual path to the directory where you want to save the database. You would then have to use DSN-Less connections to access the database. This would also involve using the file-scripting object to resove the actual directory of the database. You will then have to use tabledef objects, field objects, and index objects to create the rest of the database. You would probably be better off creating the access table and ftp the file to server!<BR><BR>Remember that you can create any object registered on the server by using the set obj = server.createobject("") function. You just won&#039t get any kind of strong typing support to ell you the properties and methods of the object.

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