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    Jaspal Guest

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    Does anyone know how to create an access runtime database ???

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    BAHEK Guest

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    What exactly do you mean?<BR>You wan to create Access file on the fly from your app?<BR><BR>I know how to do it with DAO or MS ACCESS object.<BR>Here is the code to create it with the object.<BR><BR>You must have MS Access 7.0 or later on the box where the code will run. You have to set reference to Access library. Or you can use late binding and just declare an object.<BR>Once you initialize object as New Access.Application<BR>you can use the following line of code to create an Access database:<BR><BR>objAccess.DBEngine.CreateDatabase NewDBFilePath, ";LANGID=0x0409;CP=1252;COUNTRY=0"<BR>

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