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    Simon C Guest

    Default New to ASP's and with I have a problem

    I have just started experimenting with ASP&#039s and have some across a small problem. I have an ASP that contains a recordset and some fields from the recordset. The recordset is reading data from an SQL Server database. However when I try to open the page in a browser I get the following message:<BR><BR>Server object error &#039ASP 0177 : 800401f3&#039 <BR><BR>Server.CreateObject Failed <BR><BR>/Pubs/global.asa, line 39 <BR><BR>/Pubs/global.asa, line 39 is a page that was automatically created by Microsoft Visual Interdev when I originally set up the project. Can somebody please help me?<BR><BR>Simon<BR>

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    sm549 Guest

    Default Please post line 39

    Not that I could necessarily help but someone might be able to. You&#039ll probably get a better response if you post the code.

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    Simon C Guest

    Default RE: Please post line 39

    The Error is occuring somewhere in the following:<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE=VBScript RUNAT=Server&#062;<BR>Sub Application_OnStart<BR> &#039==Visual InterDev Generated - startspan==<BR> &#039--Project Data Connection<BR> Application("Pubs_ConnectionString") = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=fedcred;Initial Catalog=pubs;Data Source=;Use Procedure for Prepare=1;Auto Translate=True;Packet Size=4096;Workstation ID=FCL-JCW8FSU47NV;"<BR> Application("Pubs_ConnectionTimeout") = 15<BR> Application("Pubs_CommandTimeout") = 30<BR> Application("Pubs_CursorLocation") = 3<BR> Application("Pubs_RuntimeUserName") = "fedcred"<BR> Application("Pubs_RuntimePassword") = "gt6654hkg"<BR> &#039-- Project Data Environment<BR> Set DE = Server.CreateObject("DERuntime.DERuntime")<BR> Application("DE") = DE.Load(Server.MapPath("Global.ASA"), "_private/DataEnvironment/DataEnvironment.asa")<BR> &#039==Visual InterDev Generated - endspan==<BR>End Sub<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;

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    Default RE: Please post line 39

    You don&#039t have the Visual Interdev data environment components installed on your server.<BR><BR>Either get them installed or comment out the 2 lines following &#039-- Project Data Environment.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Simon C Guest

    Default RE: Please post line 39

    That worked fine. Many Thanks Guys. :)

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