Is Visual InterDev dead?

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    Tom S. Guest

    Default Is Visual InterDev dead?

    To be or not to be...<BR><BR>Every announcement I&#039ve seen about VS7 and .NET more generally talks about VB, VC++, VFoxPro, SOAP, ASP+, ADO+, C#, and more. But what is happening with Visual InterDev? If all the purposes of VID in the past have been built into WebForms and the like for all the languages in the suite, then why would VID exist as a separate entity going forward?<BR><BR>When MS folks are asked this at conferences, they don&#039t really answer it straight. Perhaps for fear that fewer people will buy VID in the meantime...?<BR><BR>Tom S.

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    SPG Guest

    Default What I think I heard...

    What I believe I&#039ve heard & seen thusfar is that VID will continue to exist in its little limbo-land niche which it seems to currently occupy -- it makes the pages which don&#039t have an author-activated compile time. <BR><BR>It will speak ASP+, but only with scripting languages -- compared to VB7 and C# and such, which will speak ASP+ as a side-factor to their language (much as VB and VID can both handle ADO currently, yes?)<BR><BR>Anyway, that is what I *think* (there&#039s that disclaimer!) is going on. Admittedly I wouldn&#039t buy VID at any time, but that has more to do with the fact that Microsoft has yet to explain to me why VID will make my life easier -- and this is after I&#039ve read "Visual Interdev 6.0 Enterprise Developer&#039s Workshop" from MS Press! (So no, I don&#039t recommend it as a VID book... though it does have a lot of pages dedicated to possibly useful info on MTS.)<BR><BR>HiH

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    Doug Seven Guest

    Default RE: Is Visual InterDev dead?

    VID is not part of Visual Studio.Net. The functionality that VID provided has been encapsulated into the VS.NET common IDE. All languages share the same IDE. Since VID is not a language, but rather a tool to program for the web, essentially it will not live past v6.0. The functionality will VID will be there in spirit.<BR>______________________________________< BR>Doug Seven, MCSD<BR>CodeJunkies.Net /<BR><BR><B R>Two new sites are coming, dedicated exclusively to ASP+. Stay tuned for and, both brought to you exclusively by CodeJunkies.Net.<BR><BR><BR><BR>"Between two evils, I always choose the one I haven&#039t tried."<BR>--Mae West<BR>

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