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    Got a question. Our website is all ASP files. We&#039re not great ASP experts... just some includes, a few IF / THENS, you get the idea. Well, we recently tried to set up a custom 404 page, which can be easily done using the Microsoft Management Console. I set up a 404.asp page, put the file name in where prompted, and it works like a charm. Except for one thing - it isn&#039t being processed like an ASP page. If you go right to the URL (404.asp) then all the includes and stuff work fine. But if you go to blahblah.htm or whatever and the 404 page comes up, all of the includes are downloaded as regular HTML, as though the page had an .htm extension. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any way around it, other than simply not using VBScript on this particular page?<BR><BR>Thanx in advance for your input!

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    yup, the 404 page is sent &#039in place&#039 of the missing one, so gets treated just like the one that&#039s missing. means an ASP 404 page won&#039t go through asp.dll unless it&#039s replacing an ASP page. i recommend something like, a redirect page for the 404 page, which will send you in turn to error.asp, which would be processed (do the redirection on the client side, and have a text link available in case of forwarding failure)<BR><BR>jason

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