I have an internal server that I am trying to set a cookie from during a login script. This code is nested in the login script, after authentication occurs. However, my server is internal, NT4.0, iis4, and using DHCP with a 4 hour to live time ip. My users are accessing it via the computer name: http://dmv01/brian/index.asp<BR><BR>The wierd thing is when I request the cookie information before I close down the browser, it shows up. But if I restart the browser, the cookie does not appear. It&#039s definately not being set, since I am not seeing it in the temp folder of ie5.<BR><BR><BR>Here&#039s my cookie code:<BR><BR>qmcookie = request("qmcookie")<BR> If qmcookie = "yes" Then<BR> response.cookies("QuotaMaster")("qmuid") = UserID<BR> response.cookies("QuotaMaster").expires = #12/31/2005#<BR> response.cookies("QuotaMaster").domain = "dmv01.myco.com"<BR> response.cookies("QuotaMaster").path = "/quotamaster"<BR> End If