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    I am in the process of developing a web site. In that we r putting our company logo gif. We dont want ANY user to right click on the gif and save the logo image to his machine.<BR>Can u suggest some means for achieving it. I think some javascript may work. If u have any javascript code, pass it to me, as I am not good in javascript.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    al dawg Guest

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    this is the ASP board. try looking in the JS board for this kind of stuff.<BR><BR>On a side note: Don&#039t be so petty. One way or another people can find ways of getting your images. Disabling right clicks (and rewiring browser buttons) are just tricks that became popular. Do all the web surfers out there a favor and give them a little bit of credit. If this is a COMPANY logo, chances are 1) the idiots who steal graphics won&#039t be there and 2) you have good legal recourse if they use it anywhere without your permission.<BR><BR>Even so, you&#039ll never be able to track down the people that do want to take them, and anyone who really wants them WILL get them. It&#039s all a matter of just giving most users a little credit, and telling the rest to screw off. Heck, MicroSucks doesn&#039t even prevent users from stealing images.<BR>

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    Well said, that man.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    What&#039s so important about this logo??? Why not put at the bottom: All images are copyrighted by this company.<BR><BR>But, that&#039s not what you asked. Bookmark this page, use it often. You&#039ll find exactly your answer there:<BR><BR>http://javascript.internet.com

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