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    &nbsp;<BR>Hi, I&#039m trying to get a page&#039s title, I know I can parse the file and search for the title tags, and that&#039s it, but I&#039m afraid it might hit my script performance, I know I can do it with document.title using JavaScript, but I don&#039t know how to pass variables between ASP and Jscript. (I use VBScript).<BR><BR>Is there a request.servervariables("PAGE_TITLE") or something like that?<BR><BR>oks, thank you ppl.

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    if you don&#039t know how to pass vars from JavaScript to asp, you really should sit down and learn<BR><BR>there is no page_title variable server-side you must either parse the file or use client side code. what are you trying to achieve with it?<BR><BR>jason

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