Hi, i am new to ASP, and someone wants me to create a web page that can do the following:<BR><BR>An ms access 97 database exists, with many tables in it about many different things (a chain of shops, each shop has a table). The person wants me to set up a web page so that:<BR><BR>a. The administrator can change ANYTHING (directly into the database) through the use of forms. - his account MUST be password protected.<BR><BR>b. A person from each shop can change some records in their shop only (this must also be password protected)<BR><BR>c. normal people can read the database.<BR><BR>d. Things that will be done to the database will be: A record in a table may exist say called "chairs" (example only) and some fields might be: stock, orderd, etc... the ADMIN must be able to delete this record AND change things in it. the owner of THAT shop must be able to change some parts of the record (eg Stock etc...).<BR>Then the admin and the shop owner must also be able to add records....<BR><BR>e. The admin, and other people with enough rights must be able to do a querry of almost anything... eg. bring up a list of all things which have exactly 27 stock remaining, or any product which is red, or goes inside a house... get the idea (a querry search!)<BR><BR>Is this possible to do in ASP? if so, can you please tell me where i could find information on this kind of thing - and would i need SQL (i would rather not have it) and also what settings do i need in the database.<BR>I am running a winnt server, what server software will i need?<BR><BR>thanx alot for your help<BR>ps. can you please cc your response to dhammerton@labyrinth.net.au<BR><BR>thanx again<BR>regards<BR>david