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    I want to upload a tab seperated text file into a SQL table using ASP or COM. I have looked through different sites and I can&#039t seem to find an answer. Help!!

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    There is probably a way to do it with some sort of SQL Server tool, but you always can do it manually.<BR><BR>In your ASP script open the file. Read it line by line. Parse each line and execute an SQL insert statement or use Recordset object and add record by record.<BR>

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    There would be alot approaches for that. One you could create and open an ADO recorset from the file and open one from the SQL database then loop through the fields and rows transferring data.<BR><BR>Or just put the file into a multi dimension array using Join function then loop through that using an Insert statement Executed through a connection object.<BR><BR>or as in the first way create an ADO recordset. Loop through it creating an insert Statment from each row and execute them in a connection object

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