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    Having developed ASP applications for about a year, I have a good grasp of VBScript and was greatly dissapointed when I read it was not supported in the all new ASP+ - doh! On further reading the benefits of using VB are clear, but I do not know this language (or any compiled language). This web development / ASP thing started out as a hobby, I certainly had no intention of learning a language like VB but it&#039s too late to turn back now (and too much fun of course!) So I guess it&#039s time to take the leap to VB.NET(VB7). OK Enough of the history yeh ...any help with these issue would be greatly appreciated......<BR><BR>- When is VB.NET available<BR>- Should I learn VB6 now<BR>- How different is VBScript to VB<BR>- Does anyone know of any good VB articles aimed at VBScript pros. (differnces between them etc.)<BR><BR>And 4Guys - How about a tutorial / article for (no doubt) the hundreds of people in this situation. What is our best approach to leverage VBScript skills to VB.NET so we can get cracking with ASP+.<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Paul.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Well there&#039s no way you can really delve into ASP+ while it&#039s still in the pre-beta stage. The public beta, which should be available in September, will afford you the chance to tweak the bits, create and test your own ASP+ pages, etc. The official release is slated for Q1 2001, but I would bet it won&#039t be out until Q2.<BR><BR>There are already a number of great ASP+ resources in our ASP+ Article Index:<BR><BR>I&#039d check out those resouces. Concerning VBScript... it is *nearly* a subset of VB, so if you know VBScript well the transition to VB shouldn&#039t be too painful.<BR><BR>Finally, there will be some language changes in VB7 from VB6... learn VB6 now if you like, but VBScript is so similar to VB, that I&#039d recommend that you just hold off until VB7 beta is out and start from there... you&#039ll find the two languages eerily alike...

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    I don&#039t think learning VB6 now would be a bad idea. Most of what you need, you know. Some of the concepts of full VB that do not exist in VBScript (dimming variables as datatypes, control propeties, etc) would be helpful. Definitely, the more you know about full VB, the easier the transition will be, but be aware...there are some serious changes from VB6 to VB7.<BR>______________________________________<BR> Doug Seven, MCSD<BR>CodeJunkies.Net /<BR><BR><B R>Two new sites are coming, dedicated exclusively to ASP+. Stay tuned for and, both brought to you exclusively by CodeJunkies.Net.<BR><BR><BR><BR>"Between two evils, I always choose the one I haven&#039t tried."<BR>--Mae West<BR>

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