Have I stumped aspmessageboard? third try

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Thread: Have I stumped aspmessageboard? third try

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    Corin Guest

    Default Have I stumped aspmessageboard? third try

    I didn&#039t think this would be that tough, but I have posted it three times and gotton no replys<BR><BR>This writes just fine<BR><BR>If Request.Cookies("cookieMine")("cookieCheck") &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR>Response.Cookies("cookieMine")("item1") = Request.form("T4")<BR>Response.Cookies("cookieMine ")("item2") = Request.form("T5")<BR>Response.Cookies("cookieMine ")("membership") = Request.form("R1")<BR>Response.Cookies("cookieMine ").expires = #September 3, 2001#<BR>Response.Cookies("cookieMine").Domain= ".www.mysite.com"<BR>Response.Cookies("cookieMine" ).Path = "/crap"<BR><BR>Response.write request.cookies("cookieMine")("item1")<BR>Response .write request.cookies("cookieMine")("item2")<BR>Response .write request.cookies("cookieMine")("membership")<BR><BR ><BR>But leave the server and return and i get nothing with this code<BR><BR>Response.write request.cookies("cookieMine")("item1")<BR>Response .write request.cookies("cookieMine")("item2")<BR>Response .write request.cookies("cookieMine")("membership")<BR><BR >Thanks in Advance

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    KPW Guest

    Default RE: Have I stumped aspmessageboard? third try

    I don&#039t work with cookies a lot, so I don&#039t know if this will totally solve the problem. Anyhoo, my ASP reference says that the syntax for setting cookie expiration would be<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("cookieMine").expires = "September 3, 2001"<BR><BR>(Quotation marks instead of pound signs [or sharps, if you&#039re a .NET person!])<BR><BR>HTH

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