I&#039m having a problem trying to cycle through an array of recordsets.<BR><BR>What I ultimately want to do is take a large recordset and assign it to a number of recordsets, in the process filtering it down. So if I have say 3 types of &#039users&#039 - clients, staff, and admin... then i&#039ll have a recordset of all the clients, all the staff, and all the admin.<BR><BR><BR>EntriesRS is my single recordset that I want to filter down into many sets.<BR><BR>projectArray is an array of strings for the different types of &#039projects&#039<BR><BR>project_index is how many projects there are in projectArray<BR><BR>i&#039m doing the following:<BR><BR>for i = 0 to (project_index - 1)<BR> set EntriesArray(i) = EntriesRS<BR> EntriesArray(i).Filter = "project = &#039" & projectArray(i) & "&#039"<BR>next<BR><BR>then when i&#039m printing it out i do the same sort of loop. This should print out the projects of each recordset I have. (I want to print out more information later)<BR><BR>for i = 0 to (project_index - 1)<BR> EntriesArray(i).MoveFirst<BR> Response.Write(EntriesArray(i)("project"))<BR>next <BR><BR><BR>The thing is, When I print out a debug session from my first loop... I get more than one project like I should. But in the second loop, its only printing out the last EntriesArray(i)("project") for every iteration of the loop.<BR><BR>Anyone have an ideas why this is?