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    I need to query data. There are 3 columns. col a has a p/n col b has the new p/n and col 3 has desc. I want the user to be able to query the new or old part # but bring up the same description.<BR><BR>Example if a query pn 12345 I want it to bring up the same part number as 09876 each number is the same description.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    SELECT PartsNumbers.new_pn, PartsNumbers.old_pn, PartsNumbers.desc<BR>FROM PartsNumbers<BR>WHERE (((PartsNumbers.new_pn)="12345")) OR (((PartsNumbers.old_pn)="09876"));<BR>

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    Excellent..<BR>Yes thats it.. I thank you kindly.<BR>

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