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    Can anyone point me to where I can find out how to display the results of a db query (SELECT.....) in a form for editing? In other words, the user fills out a form and later retrieves it for editing. I need to know how this is done. Thanks in advance.

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    STEP 1. Execute the Select query:<BR>strSQL = "SELECT fname, surname FROM users WHERE idUser = idUser"<BR>Set recordsetVariable = cnn.Execute (strSQL)<BR><BR>STEP 2. Capture contents of the recordset into two variables:<BR>varFname = rs("fname")<BR>varSurname = rs("surname")<BR><BR>STEP 3. Create a form for modifying the records.<BR>&#060;FORM action="update.asp" method="POST"&#062;<BR>First Name &nbsp;&#060;INPUT type="text" value="&#060;%=varFname%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>Surna me &nbsp;&#060;INPUT type="text" value="&#060;%=varSurname%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>... ...<BR><BR>STEP 4. Submit the form to Update.asp and execute your Update query.

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