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    Hello, <BR><BR> Can I get a help Please !!!<BR> I am reading a contents from a file and am using the <BR>"," as delimiter between the words.I am want to split the <BR>sentence and populate the contents in combo.If I use <BR>split function am getting an error saying type mismatch.<BR>Tried all combinations ..but couldnot get solution. Can <BR>someone give me a solution. <BR>

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    Default See if this solves your problem

    &#060;%<BR>mSentence = "Let us see, if the code works, maybe or maybe not"<BR><BR>mArray = Split(mSentence,",")<BR><BR>Response.Write(mArray( 0)&mArray(1)&mArray(2))<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Let us see if the code works maybe or maybe not<BR><BR>You get a type mismatch error if you include the delimiter in single quotes.

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