What are virtual applications??

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    chetanm21@yahoo.com Guest

    Default What are virtual applications??

    I am new to IIS n would like to know what is really meant by Virtual applications and how to create them using IIS<BR><BR>Also I would like to know how can I determine the version of IIS I am using and how do I upgrade my version of IIS

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    Markkk Guest

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    Not sure if this answers you question, but here I go....<BR><BR>When you crearte Virtual Directory in IIS, you have an option of identifying the directory as an "ASP Application". Once setup as an "ASP Application", you can use Application and Session variables in you ASP Script. These variables can be set in the "global.asa" file or in your ASP Script. Also, once a virtual directory is set as an "ASP Application", you can trigger scripts whenever the Application Starts or Ends. The same is true for Sessions.<BR><BR>If you don&#039t identify your Virtual Directory as an "ASP Application", then you can not maintain state (Application or Session variables and triggers will not exist). Although ASP Script will run in a "Non-ASP Application", you will not have the Application or Session capabilities.<BR><BR>Also, it is a very good practice, NOT to nest ASP Applications. The location of all ASP Applications should be phyically isolated outside all other ASP Applications. Don&#039t physdically nest one ASP Application (virtual directory) within another ASP Aplication (virtual directory) on the hard drive. Keep in mind that the root web directory (C:Inetpubwwwroot) is considered as an ASP Application. hence, you should phycically place all ASP Applications outside of C:Inetpub.<BR>e.g.<BR><BR>C:ASP_App1 (virtual directory1 - ASP App1)<BR>C:ASP_App2 (virtual directory2 - ASP App2)<BR><BR>I hope this helps!!!

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