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    Tanvi Guest

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    I Created Vb activex dll project and initially added required code.Compiled the project into <BR><BR>dll.path of dll and the path of the project file are given same. <BR>I&#039ve Given permission for IUser_station over the dll<BR>Then, Registered the dll using<BR>Regsvr32 c:...ecommerce.dll.<BR>Got the message as register server dll...Successful.<BR><BR>In the visual interdev project, in project references I&#039ve Browsed for the ecommerce.dll and <BR><BR>selected it.at the bottom of the list of references I observed that the name of the dll and <BR><BR>path for the dll were shown when the ecommerce dll was highlighted.<BR><BR>after that I proceeded with adding more class modules and need to add more code,Then again <BR><BR>I recompiled the project into dll.When asked &#039this particular dll exists would you like o <BR><BR>replace it&#039I clicked replace.<BR><BR>But when Iam running the project I observed the required properties/ function from the dll <BR><BR>were not taken by the visual interdev project.<BR><BR>I&#039ve stopped IISAdmin service and restarted.Observed no change .<BR>Then,I Unregistered the dll and reregistered it again.Observed no chnage in the running <BR><BR>conditions of the project.<BR>Then,I removed the reference of the dll from the project references.(I think I complicated <BR><BR>the existing problem by doing this).Tried to unregister the dll and reregister the dll,at <BR><BR>which I was not successful.When I was unregistering the dll I was getting the error,<BR>Load library("path to the dll")failed<BR>Get Last error returned 0x0000007e<BR><BR>After this when Iam again trying to reference the same dll,I observed that Under the list of <BR><BR>refernces in the place of name of dll it was displayed as &#039MISSING&#039 and under that the path <BR><BR>of the dll was displayed.<BR><BR>Then Icreared totally new activex dll project,and added just the class modules (by right <BR><BR>clicking and select add..,existing modules)what I already have in my existing ecommerce <BR><BR>project.compiled this new project in to dll(ecom1.dll)<BR>In my visual interdev project,in project references I browsed for the new dll and selected <BR><BR>But, STRANGE UNDER THE LIST OF REFERENCES INSTEAD OF DLL NAME IT WAS SHOWING &#039MISSING&#039 AND <BR><BR>UNDER THAT IT WAS SHOWING THE PATH OF THE DLL.<BR>hOW TO GET OUT OF MY PROBLEM?<BR><BR>Please help me to get out of my problem.<BR><BR>Thankyou<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default RE: dll referencing problem

    Ahh, you&#039ve discovered the little bug in VB6! I&#039ve had that problem NUMEROUS times, and figured MS would have fixed it with SP3, but no such luck. The key is incrementing your version number, and then PHYSCIALLY CHECK the dll after it&#039s been compiled. Although you get the message that it&#039s compiling, sometimes it does not. Who knows why, but if it&#039s not the version you want, recompile it again. Then it usually clears up.<BR><BR>Secondly, if you&#039re developing the DLL on your client machine, but testing on your server, make sure both are the same. You&#039re getting the newer functions because InterDev is looking at your machine, not the server. That&#039s why you can see the new functions, but can&#039t use them when you run the page.<BR><BR>Third, keep all your references together. If you&#039re getting the missing statement, it&#039s looking in your registry and can&#039t find the object that the dll is referring (which you should get a compile error then). Make sure both machines have all required objects.

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