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    Wes Weeks Guest

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    This one is making me nuts. I use a Session variable to authenticate users for a portion of my site. The Session variable is set in the Global.asa file to &#039false&#039 on session start. When someone enters a valid Username and Password, the value is set to &#039true&#039<BR> If anyone tries to directly link to one of the protected pages and bypass entering a username and password, they are redirected to another page if the value is anything but "true" <BR> I have one person out of the 200 or so that regularly use my site, who said he couldn&#039t access the protected pages. I initially thought he was directly linking to them, and set up a way to check him. I had him type in a special password at the login prompt which redirected him to a page that stored his browser, system, IP, and host information. It also stored the username he entered as a Session Variable as well as displaying the contents of the Session Variable I use for authentication. The results are emailed to me.<BR> I tested this on myself, and had my wife try it from home to confirm that it would work. It works fine, all the information I want is there in my two trials. I email the person having the problem, he tries it, and SURPRISE!! THE TWO FIELDS THAT SHOULD HOLD THE SESSION VARIABLES ARE BLANK!!! <BR> Anyone with any information on how this could happen, please let me know, as well as any work arounds. For what its worth, the client is using Win 95 and IE 4.01.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Wes Weeks

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    Richard L. Guest

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    Does the user have cookies disabled on his broweser?... that would cause sessions not to work.

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    Does this person have cookies disabled on his browser? If so the session variables will not work.

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    Richard L. Guest

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    Wow, Rick... we gotta be ASP twins.. :)

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    Wes Weeks Guest

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    Thanks, that solved the problem.

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