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    Kevin Guest

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    This is a really easy question I&#039m sure, but I&#039m having troubles.<BR><BR>Issue:<BR>Take a string (1234.abc) and convert to a string "1234abc" (essentially remove the . from the string. Note the 1234 and abc will vary in length and could be anything.<BR><BR>I guess what I need is a statement that will scour through the string, strip the . and return a new string.<BR><BR>Simple huh?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Kevin<BR>kevin@frogma.com

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    I imagine this is more complicated than described, but for your particular example it&#039s<BR><BR>stringx = replace (stringx, ".", "")

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    Kevin Guest

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    That did the trick. Geez I&#039m such an idiot sometimes.<BR><BR>So simple, yet I was trying to do all kinds of complicated stuff. Thanks for your help... :)

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