(from ASP on IIS)<BR>Problem:<BR><BR>A user will type in a search string, and results will be displayed. Then if the user clicks one of the results, the corresponding record must be looked up in the database (from an ID), and one of the fields of the record must read then incremented from its current value. But if this occurs simultaneously for the same record, it would increment to 1 instead of 2 (if initially 0)<BR><BR>How should I open the record as to prevent such a case from occuring?<BR><BR>I need to somehow lock the record from being read, so it cant be incremented/updated incorrectly, but inturn allow the search to return results while the record is locked.<BR><BR>if such a method is impossible with ASP, im willing to create an ActiveX dll or ISAPI dll if i could figure out how to layout the operations so the read/increments/updates can occur 1 at a time while a search can occur any time.